The Future of Sustainable Supply Chains.

We believe that connecting digital communities and empowering them to make decisions beyond mere economics could drive lasting change in the way the world conducts business.

Our Customers

Our customers possess the tools necessary to thrive in a sustainable future.

Through our trusted solutions, they can seamlessly integrate operational data and ESG principles into their business, thereby enhancing their reputation, fostering consumer trust, and promoting sustainable growth.

Our Solutions

Our ecosystem enables customers to access a marketplace of API’s and Applications to connect and optimise their operations whilst integrating operational activity and ESG data.

Data Exchange and Marketplace

Powered by NxtPort International, we offer a secure and robust data exchange platform, and a marketplace of API’s and Applications.


Manage and track community ESG performance, compare, and identify critical operational dependencies & optimisations.


Share and trade resources and assets, while recognising the ESG impact.

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