Sustainable supplychains for future generations.

Platform8 is a comprehensive solution for sustainable supply chains, compliance, and positive impact. We help companies optimise their supply chains for ESG compliance, identify cost savings and new opportunities, and offset negative impacts through positive social and environmental trade.


Our Customers

Our customers have the tools they need to thrive in a sustainable future. With our trusted and evidence-based ESG reporting, businesses can improve their EBIT, forecasting, and planning, resulting in a resilient supply chain. This, in turn, enhances their reputation, fosters consumer trust, and promotes sustainable growth.

As our customers connect with their digital supply chain communities, they gain access to a world of new trade opportunities that prioritize economic, environmental, and social impact.

Our Solution

Our data exchange and marketplace platform brings digital communities together for safe, secure, and cost-effective data sharing. Our platform enables the co-creation of digital communities and an open marketplace that fosters rapid value enablement.

Our platform features two powerful modules:


Our ESG+ module helps companies comply with regulations and identify cost savings through predictive modelling and AI. With ESG+, companies can track their environmental, social, and governance performance in real-time, make data-driven decisions, and improve their sustainability practices.


Our TRADE+ module empowers companies to offset negative impacts and drive positive change through impact trading and circular economy trade. With TRADE+, companies can buy and sell verified impact credits, collaborate with other businesses, and build more sustainable supply chains.


Trusted communities

With good data, roles, and accountability, all trading partners can respond more effectively and work together when disruptions occur.

Trusted technology

World class security, token and green trading, and trusted data sharing where you remain in control and ownership of your data.

Trusted team

We are deeply experienced in the technology and supplychain. We understand the painpoints, and we are passionate about solving them.

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We will commence a 6 week seed round from April 2023.

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