Supply chains play a significant role in global carbon emissions, contributing one-third of the total.

 Urgent action is required to reduce emissions and achieve sustainability goals, but the sector is unprepared for this monumental task. One of the main reasons behind the lack of progress is the limited visibility and siloed operations within supply chains. In this blog, we explore the critical challenges arising from limited visibility and the need for trusted data sharing. We also delve into how Platform8 is revolutionising the industry with its innovative marketplace, offering secure data sharing, access to multiple connected solutions, and data monetisation capabilities.

The problem: Limited Visibility and Siloed Operations

 In today’s complex supply chains, 90% of businesses’ carbon footprints stem from their value chain. Surprisingly, 65% of these businesses lack visibility beyond their Tier 1 suppliers. This lack of visibility hinders effective monitoring of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance, as well as the identification of critical operational dependencies. Siloed operations and fragmented data hinder the ability to manage emissions, optimise resources, and address sustainability goals. This results in increased costs, missed opportunities for efficiency gains, and a lack of comprehensive decision-making.

The solution: Platform8 Marketplace

 Platform8 presents a game-changing solution with its innovative marketplace, which addresses the challenges of limited visibility and siloed operations.

Here’s how Platform8 is transforming the industry:

1. Secure and Cost-Effective Data Sharing

The Platform8 Marketplace facilitates secure and cost-effective data sharing across the supply chain. Organisations retain control and ownership of their data while ensuring data privacy and security. By establishing a trusted data sharing environment, businesses can collaborate, share insights, and drive collective action towards sustainability goals.

2. Access to Multiple Connected Solutions

The Platform8 Marketplace offers a wide range of innovative and tailored solutions designed to drive sustainable growth in supply chains. It serves as a one-stop-shop, providing businesses with easy access to a diverse ecosystem of connected solutions. Whether it’s emissions monitoring, circular trade, or resource optimisation, businesses can find the right tools and technologies to address their specific sustainability and compliance needs.

3. Monetisation of Data

Through the Platform8 Marketplace, organisations can monetise their data securely by sharing it with other supply chain stakeholders. This data monetisation feature creates an additional revenue stream for businesses while fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the supply chain community. By incentivising data sharing, Platform8 promotes transparency, innovation, and collective progress towards sustainability goals.

Limited visibility and siloed operations have long hindered the progress of supply chains towards sustainability.

Platform8’s marketplace revolutionises the industry by offering secure data sharing, access to multiple connected solutions, and data monetisation capabilities. By unlocking the potential of enhanced visibility, collaboration, and innovation, Platform8 empowers businesses to address the challenges of emissions reduction, achieve sustainability goals, and drive the transformation towards a more sustainable future.

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