Becoming an Early Adopter of Platform8: Unlocking Competitive Advantage, ESG Benefits, and Faster Time to Value 

By being early adopters, individuals can potentially gain several advantages. They can experience new features, functionalities, and benefits before the majority of people. They can often establish themselves as experts or knowledgeable individuals in a specific domain. Additionally, early adopters may benefit from discounted prices or preferential treatment from the creators of the product, as they are essential for generating initial momentum and interest. 

Are you ready to future-proof your supply chain and accelerate your digital transformation journey? As our world faces unprecedented and complex challenges, Platform8 offers a proven solution to enhance your ESG and economic performance, while ensuring compliance. 

With Platform8, you can become an early adopter of a platform that is already creating value in Europe and gain a competitive advantage in ANZ. By empowering supply chain communities, we are enabling stakeholders to make decisions beyond just economics and consider social and environmental impacts. This will drive lasting change in the way we do business. 

Why it’s important to act early?

Why is this important? Consider the following challenges: 

– Supply chains are facing a freight train of compliance, but many are not ready. 

– Lack of supply chain visibility and disruption: 90% of a business’s carbon footprint is from the value chain, yet 65% lack visibility beyond Tier 1 suppliers. 

– Risks and costs of disruptions: 94% of supply chain leaders experienced disruptions last year, which can result in costs up to 3x a company’s annual profit margin. 

– ESG’s importance for business success: 66% of global consumers pay a premium for sustainable products. While investors globally factor in ESG for decisions, and strong ESG leads to lower debt costs and higher valuations. 

Platform8 is solving these problems, become an early adopter to take advantage!

At Platform8, we are solving these problems by providing a platform to enable the future of the supply chain. Through secure and cost-effective data sharing, we are empowering communities to trade on operational optimisation as well as share and trade resources and assets, while recognising the ESG impact. This is achieved by: 

– Managing and tracking community ESG performance, comparing, and identifying critical operational dependencies and optimisations. 

– Trading on operational optimisation and recognising the ESG impact. 

– Accessing multiple connected solutions through a single, user-friendly marketplace. 

The result is all stakeholders in the supply chain will have the visibility and trust in connected communities that make decisions beyond just economics but consider social and environment impact. This will lead to economic benefits such as improving EBIT, forecasting and planning, resilience, proactive response to risk, turning waste into revenue, monetising data, and accessing green debt and funding. 

In addition, there are environmental and social benefits such as trusted, actionable ESG data, scope 3 evidenced reporting, green trade beyond carbon offsets, reuse, recycle, reduce and dispose, positive reputation, consumer trust, procurement trust, and community trade. 

In conclusion, becoming an early adopter of Platform8 is a strategic choice to enhance your supply chain’s ESG and economic performance, while ensuring compliance. With the freight train of compliance and supply chain vulnerabilities creating exceptional disruptions, you can future-proof your business and drive lasting change in the way we do business. 

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About Platform8

Platform8 enables the future of sustainable supply chains. We believe that by connecting digital communities and enabling them to make decisions beyond just economics, they could drive lasting change in the way we do business. This belief led to the creation of Platform8.