Enhancing Port Operations with Predictive ETA


Ports serve as critical hubs in the global supply chain, facilitating the movement of goods and vessels. Accurate planning and resource allocation are essential for efficient port operations. However, traditional vessel schedules and ETA updates often fall short in representing actual arrival times. Predictive ETA offers a game-changing solution by providing accurate and trustworthy ETA predictions.

By incorporating Predictive ETA into their operations, ports can optimise their berth planning based on accurate ETA predictions. This optimisation leads to better resource allocation, reduced waiting times, and increased efficiency. Predictive ETA enables ports to maximise their resources, ensuring smooth operations and minimising idle time.

Predictive ETA allows ports to automate vessel scheduling monitoring, leading to increased productivity and reduced errors. The extended planning horizon for port resources enables better resource management and utilisation. This heightened visibility and situational awareness result in better decision-making and reduced risks for port operators.

The reduced uncertainty in arrival times, thanks to Predictive ETA’s accurate predictions, enables better planning and reduced costs associated with contingencies. Port operators can trust the ETA provided by Predictive ETA, enhancing reliability and reducing the need for costly contingency planning.

Incorporating Predictive ETA into port operations offers a range of benefits, including optimised berth planning, increased resource utilisation, reduced costs, and improved decision-making. Join the growing number of businesses worldwide and embrace Predictive ETA to revolutionise your port operations.

Optimised berth planning, increased resource utilisation and improved decision making.

Predictive ETA’s launch comes at a time when the shipping industry faces challenges related to port congestion and maritime transport emissions. By utilising Predictive ETA‘s machine learning-powered predictions, users can reduce fuel consumption and the environmental impact caused by maritime transport. Predictive ETA¬†is a practical solution to the challenges faced by the industry, and we are excited to offer it to our clients in Australia and New Zealand.

Proven in Europe- available now across ANZ


Machine learnings
models enable over 95% prediction accuracy



20% savings on
operational costs


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