How Platform8 can accelerate the strategic response to the Freight & SupplyChain Strategy.

On Friday 18th August 2023, the Minister of Transport Hon David Parker released the Aotearoa New Zealand Freight and Supply Chain Strategy.  

In the realm of Aotearoa’s freight and supply chain, challenges and opportunities are shaping the future. The “Aotearoa New Zealand Freight and Supply Chain Strategy” defines a 30 year strategy, 10 year strategy and the key areas of focus for the next three years.

Amidst these imperatives, Platform8 emerges as a game-changer, armed with tangible solutions that directly address the key focus areas for the next three years!

Ehara taku toa i te toa taki tahi, engari he toa taki tini Success is not the work of an individual, but the work of many

The Four Focus Areas for the Next Three Years:

1. Ports and the Connections to their Community

The strategy identifies key focus areas for ports and their connections to the community:

  • About 99% of traded goods by weight flow through our ports. We need to ensure they are resilient to long-term threats and highly productive to support our economic prosperity.
  • We will analyse the spatial connections of our ports to help us strengthen our critical freight corridors. We will also undertake analysis of alternative port models.

How we can help solve this problem

  • Revolutionising Port Operations: Our marketplace of cutting-edge applications introduces groundbreaking advancements, such as AI-driven vessel arrivals or Smart Berth Management to optimise port flow. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms, we facilitate optimized vessel scheduling, reducing port congestion, and enhancing operational efficiency. This transformative approach ensures that every port can make informed decisions based on accurate forecasts, reshaping the supply chain landscape for unprecedented efficiency and carbon reduction.
  • Supply Chain Visibility: Platform8’s ecosystem offers a holistic view across the entire supply chain. Through our marketplace, every stakeholder gains access to predictive insights about port calls, reshaping the way the supply chain operates. This unparalleled visibility enables agile decision-making, informed resource allocation, and seamless coordination, thus driving better planning, optimal asset utilisation, reduced waste, and heightened productivity throughout the value chain.
  • Integrated Data Hub: Integrated Data Hub: Our approach revolves around establishing a central data hub that facilitates secure data sharing among various ports and stakeholders. By breaking down information silos, this hub empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions and take coordinated actions. This collaborative data sharing underpins economic resilience and role enhancement.
  • The Holistic Platform Advantage: Platform8’s approach capitalises on the interconnected nature of modern supply chains. Our marketplace serves as a conduit for data-sharing, collaboration, and innovation, catalysing improved coordination between ports, stakeholders, and communities. By harnessing the power of AI and data-driven insights, we not only optimise operations but also pave the way for a greener, more efficient future that aligns with Aotearoa New Zealand’s goals.

2. Data Sharing and Interoperability

The strategy identifies key focus areas for data sharing and interoperability:

  • A more sophisticated evidence base will support a better understanding of the freight and supply chain system and improved investment decision making.
  •  We will identify and invest in freight data needs based on priorities of different public and private sector stakeholders. This could be supported by a partnership with the sector to support mutual data sharing.

How we solve this problem already – today!

Responding to the imperative for data-driven decisions, Platform8 steps up to the challenge. Our solution offers a comprehensive data sharing and interoperability platform spanning the entire supply chain.

  • The Data Exchange Platform ensures secure data sharing, with accessible entry points, addressing financial and technical barriers for all supply chain participants.
  • Having demonstrated its effectiveness with over 3000 users across Europe through our partner NxtPort International, New Zealand’s freight and supply chain sector can seamlessly embark on this transformative journey.
  • Our open marketplace, integrated within the data exchange, champions API-driven data exchange and applications that foster connectivity and optimisation across the supply chain. All within one unified platform.

Today, NSW Ports is connecting is liquid bulk supply chain with digital ISGOTT inspections, and across Aotearoa levergaing a single source for Predictive AI driven Vessel Movements from one source for all users in the supply chain are the first steps in our journey to transform the industry!

3. Road Freight Decarbonisation

The strategy identifies key focus areas for road freight decarbonisation:

  • Road freight is responsible for almost a quarter of transport emissions, while rail and coastal shipping are much lower emissions modes of transport. This makes road freight a priority to decarbonise first.
  • Initial work will focus on progressing priorities to accelerate the transition to zero emissions heavy vehicles. We will also continue to work on the implementation of the rail plan, and policies to support coastal shipping.

How we solve this problem already – today!

Whilst Platform8 is not a fuel transition company, we are in the business of sustainable supply chains!

Our vision is to see every decision in the end to end supply chain consider more than just time and cost, but consider the environmental and social impact.  Our innovative solutions, ESG+ and TRADE+, play a pivotal role in revolutionising the freight and supply chain landscape:


Our ESG+ solution transcends traditional ESG practices by embedding Environmental, Social, and Governance principles into every facet of operations. ESG+’Navigator facilitates the creation of ESG profiles, tracks reduction plans, goals, and accreditations, connecting value chains for enhanced transparency and collaboration.

The Data and Operational Hub allows for direct ESG data sharing and operational insights, while ESG+ Performance offers trusted reporting and predictive capabilities. This holistic solution enables businesses to seamlessly manage ESG practices and actively contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and environmental impact.


Our TRADE+ solution is a circular economy platform that empowers businesses to not only minimise waste and enhance resource efficiency but also drive new revenue streams and social benefits.

By integrating ESG+ and TRADE+, Platform8 offers a transformative framework that aligns with the key focus areas of the strategy. ESG+’s ability to enhance visibility, collaboration, and innovation across the supply chain directly supports the analysis of spatial connections of ports, strengthens freight corridors, and ensures resilient and productive ports.

Furthermore, ESG+’s contribution to emissions reduction and sustainability aligns perfectly with the need for road freight decarbonisation, actively helping achieve the goal of reducing transport emissions. TRADE+ compliments the strategy’s call for international engagement by fostering collaboration, facilitating resilient international shipping, and contributing to global decarbonisation efforts.

Platform8’s innovative approach empowers businesses, communities, and stakeholders to collaborate, innovate, and build a more sustainable and resilient freight and supply chain ecosystem, in alignment with the strategic goals and focus areas outlined in the report.

4. International Engagement

The strategy identifies key focus areas for road frieght decarbonisation:

  • The COVID-19 supply chain disruptions have demonstrated vulnerabilities in our international freight connections. We need to be better prepared for future disruption and play our part in decarbonising international freight.
  • We will maintain collaboration with international partners to prepare for disruption to freight networks and support the establishment of green shipping corridors.

    How we solve this problem already – today!

    With our global reach and international partners, Platform8 can connect our local supply chains globally.

    1. Global Reach and International Partnerships: With our expansive global reach and well-established international partnerships, Platform8 offers a distinctive opportunity to seamlessly connect local supply chains with global networks. By facilitating smooth communication and collaboration across borders, we are already tackling the challenges posed by disruptions in international freight, as highlighted in the strategy.

    2. Partnership with NxtPort International: Our strategic collaboration with NxtPort International which is across Port Antwerp-Bruges, further reinforces our commitment to international engagement. Through harnessing our state-of-the-art technology, we are actively contributing to the establishment of green shipping corridors. Through real-time data sharing, well-informed decision-making, and enhanced visibility, we are laying the groundwork for creating international freight networks that are more sustainable and resilient.

    In essence, Platform8’s  solutions not only align with the strategic emphasis on International Engagement but also deliver practical solutions proactively to the issues posed by disruptions and the imperative for international freight decarbonisation.

    Through our extensive global network and forward-thinking partnerships, we are shaping a future where international freight becomes more robust, sustainable, and interconnected than ever before.

    Platform8 stands ready to execute the vision set forth by the strategy.

    We’re not just responding to challenges; we’re addressing them head-on. Resilient ports, emissions-free road freight, data-driven decisions, and global sustainability are at the core of our mission. As Aotearoa’s freight landscape transforms, Platform8 will be at the forefront, driving tangible, impactful change that benefits industries, communities, and the environment alike.

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