NSW Ports Live Announcement: Streamlining Ship-to-Shore ISGOTT Processes with Platform8

This case study highlights the successful implementation of Platform8 and our partners Smartflow’s digital solution for ship-to-shore ISGOTT (International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals) at NSW Ports. As an international standard, ISGOTT ensures safe and efficient operations within the maritime industry.

The adoption of Platform8’s solution presents a transformative opportunity for all ports and terminal operators across Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) to streamline their processes and achieve a rapid return on investment (ROI).

The Problem: Inefficiencies and Compliance Challenges 

The existing bespoke legacy tech solution for ship-to-shore ISGOTT processes at NSW Ports relied on outdated communication methods, such as email and PDF document sharing. This resulted in inefficiencies, coordination challenges, and a lack of real-time visibility into operations. Moreover, compliance with ISGOTT guidelines became increasingly demanding, necessitating a more robust and efficient solution.

The Solution: Digital ISGOTT Compliances 

Platform8’s digital platform provides an innovative solution for ensuring ISGOTT compliance and streamlining ship-to-shore processes. By leveraging partner Smartflow Document Flow, the platform offers a centralised view of operations and facilitates efficient communication among key stakeholders, including vessels, port authorities, ports, and terminals. This transformative solution not only enhances safety and operational efficiency but also simplifies compliance with the international ISGOTT standard.

Working with Platform8 and Smartflow has been a seamless experience. Their solutions have proven to be efficient and reliable. We are impressed with the ease of implementation and the value they bring to our operations. We are excited to explore more of their solutions across our platform.”

Josh Davidson

Head of Technology, NSW Ports

The implementation at NSW Ports presents a model that all ports and terminal operators across ANZ should consider adopting.

The Benefits: Fast ROI and Scalable Adoption

The benefits of this solution include:

Rapid Return on Investment (ROI): By streamlining ship-to-shore ISGOTT processes, Platform8’s solution reduces manual effort, improves coordination, and enhances operational efficiency. These efficiencies translate into cost savings and faster turnaround times, resulting in a rapid ROI.

Improved Safety and Compliance: Platform8’s digital platform ensures compliance with the internationally recognised ISGOTT standard. By automating processes, providing real-time visibility, and enabling risk and exception reporting, the solution significantly enhances safety and helps mitigate compliance risks.

Scalable Adoption and Collaboration: Platform8’s solution enables seamless collaboration and data sharing among ports and terminal operators across ANZ. This promotes industry-wide standardisation and fosters a collaborative approach to enhancing operational excellence.

“Platform8’s solution has delivered immediate returns on our processes. It is a simple yet highly effective solution that has streamlined our operations. I am pleased to endorse Platform8 and support their mission to bring this innovative solution to terminals across ANZ. Working with Platform8 and Smartflow has been a great experience, and their collaboration has been invaluable.”

Wayne Ashton, NSW Port Operations Manager

The Future: Expanding Implementation and Industry Leadership 

The successful implementation of Platform8’s ISGOTT solution at Port Botany showcases its potential for wider adoption across the maritime industry. As more ports and terminal operators embrace this solution, they can achieve consistent ISGOTT compliance, improved safety measures, and significant operational efficiencies. The scalability and flexibility of Platform8’s platform allow for seamless expansion to other ports and terminals, ensuring a standardised and interconnected approach to maritime operations.

 By harnessing Platform8’s expertise and digital solutions, ports and terminal operators can position themselves as industry leaders, setting new benchmarks for operational excellence, safety, and compliance.

Platform8’s digital solution for ship-to-shore ISGOTT processes at NSW Ports highlights the transformative impact of streamlining operations and enhancing safety within the maritime industry. This solution serves as a powerful example for all ports and terminal operators across ANZ, showcasing the advantages of adopting a standardised and efficient platform. By leveraging Platform8’s expertise and embracing this digital transformation, the industry can achieve fast ROI, ensure ISGOTT compliance, and lead the way in maritime operational excellence.

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