Recent reports have highlighted productivity issues within the maritime industry, with both New Zealand and Australia struggling to keep up with global benchmarks. 

By leveraging the latest digital solutions, we’re helping to address these challenges and drive greater efficiency across the entire supply chain.

We are excited to announce that Smartflow, a leading provider of inspection management software, has partnered with the ANZ Open Marketplace to bring two key applications to our platform: Digital Inspection ISGOTT and Digital Inspection Processes.

Declaration of Inspection (ISGOTT)

Smartflows ISGOTT App is set to revolutionise the tanker and terminal industry, taking efficiency and safety to the next level.

One of the major problems facing this sector is the lack of effective communication and collaboration between the tanker team and the terminal, which can lead to inefficiencies, errors, and safety risks. According to industry reports, these inefficiencies can cost the sector up to $20 billion annually.

Smartflow’s Digital ISGOTT solution solves these problems by providing a comprehensive platform for tanker and terminal operators to collaborate effectively, streamline workflows, and enhance safety protocols. With all ISGOTT checklists and questionnaires in one place, terminals and tankers can quickly and easily access the information they need to ensure compliance with safety regulations, while reducing manual processes, errors, and delays.

Digital Inspection Process 

Digital Inspection Processes is a SaaS solution that allows field workers to execute inspection checklists, capture data, and share information with stakeholders in real-time. Inspectors in the field use Smartflow’s app and platform to efficiently execute workflows, capture and share data with internal and external stakeholders in real-time.

Field workers often spend too much time on processes that can be simplified by reducing them to yes/no questions or pre-filled checklists, backed up with visual data and ultimately standardised throughout the entire organisation. Smartflow’s solution simplifies processes and reduces them to forms that can be created and managed using a smartphone app.

By standardising processes and reducing the time spent on manual data entry, Smartflow’s platform provides several benefits to companies in the tank storage, oil and gas, maritime, and TIC industries. These benefits include:

  • Assurance of the correct information to perform field tasks
  • Reduction in response time to critical issues
  • Improved safety and minimized risks
  • Increased operators’ reliability
  • Creation of a culture of best practices in maintenance tasks and operator rounds
  • Simplification of processes to boost effectiveness and productivity.


“At Platform8, we understand the importance of streamlining processes in the maritime industry to increase productivity and efficiency for all stakeholders. With APAC’s maritime industry being a key contributor to the economy, it is crucial that we prioritize productivity in this sector. In fact, according to a report by the New Zealand Productivity Commission, the country’s maritime industry has underperformed compared to international benchmarks. Similarly, a 2022 report by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority highlighted the need for digital solutions to improve productivity and safety in the Australian maritime industry. Our partnership with Smartflow to provide a digital ISGOTT solution is a significant step towards enhancing collaboration, streamlining workflows, and improving safety protocols for terminals and tankers in both New Zealand and Australia.”

Lauren Salisbury

CEO, Platform8

Using the Smartflow platform, field operators can easily create custom workflows or use existing ones from the library. They can support inspection findings with pictures and videos within the app, gain insights into analytics and reports, access a central cloud-based dashboard with real-time data, automate fault alerts and reports, set automation triggers for schedule adherence, preventive maintenance, and compliance, access archived inspections, streamline and automate data entry with integration capabilities, and share data with all stakeholders using customer portals.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of Platform8’s open marketplace for sustainable supply chains. Their team has a deep understanding of the market and a clear vision for the future of the industry. We’ve found them to be a great partner to work with and we’re excited to be a part of this innovative community of technology providers.”

Rob Geerts

CEO, Smartflow

Smartflow’s partnership with the ANZ Open Marketplace enables tank storage, oil and gas, maritime, and TIC companies across Australia and New Zealand to access both ISGOTT and Digital Inspection Processes in one central location, making inspection management easier and more efficient than ever before.

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