Platform8 to Revolutionise Sustainable Supply Chains Across Australia and New Zealand, Solving Major Industry Challenges

Platform8 is excited to launch our live platform enabling supply chain stakeholders with trusted data exchange, marketplace of APIs and applications for improved visibility, optimisation, documentation and ESG.

Less than a year after the company was formed, Platform8 has now launched live across Australia and New Zealand, solving major industry challenges. The platform enables stakeholders of the supply chain to exchange data in a trusted way, while retaining control and ownership of their data, and access a marketplace of APIs and applications for supply chain visibility, optimisation, documentation, and ESG.

“Platform8 is excited to launch a revolutionary platform to the supply chain,” said Lauren Salisbury, co-founder of Platform8. “We understand the challenges faced by the industry, including the lack of visibility and cooperation due to the absence of an easy and trusted way to share data. We also understand the growing importance of social license so we empower supply chain stakeholders with the tools and resources they need to operate in a trusted and governed exchange, enabling them to optimise operations, improve transparency, and promote sustainability best practices.”

The freight train of compliance is coming and the supply chain is not ready.

The freight train of compliance is coming, and all supply chain stakeholders will be required to report beyond their own business. This is dependent on data sharing and cooperation, for which the platform enables users of the supply chain community like importers, exporters, logistics providers, government, and more to join trusted communities or manage their own communities. Our marketplace of APIs and applications offers users trusted and governed data exchange, including an option to monetise your data.

Technology providers to the industry are invited to join our marketplace, offering users one trusted source of the most innovative and secure technology for the future of sustainable supply chains. ISVs can choose to promote across Australia and NZ, as well as international commercialisation through our partner marketplaces.

“At Platform8, we believe that supply chain challenges can be solved by making it easy to access proven solutions. That’s why we believe in the value of an open marketplace where customers can access a variety of APIs and applications and build an ecosystem that supports innovation and collaboration. With Platform8, we believe that together, we can build a better future for the supply chain industry.” Brendan McEnroe, CTO.

Brendan McEnroe

CTO, Platform8

“We offer low barriers to entry, enabling stakeholders to come together and share data in a way that is cost-effective and technically feasible,” added Lauren Salisbury. “Furthermore, we provide innovation not currently available, where the supply chain can monetise their data, APIs, and applications across Australia, New Zealand, and internationally. Our platform has a proven track record in Europe, where our marketplace partners of APIs and applications are already creating value.”

Platform8 is now live in Australia and New Zealand.  For more information please visit or to learn more contact us.

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About Platform8

Platform8 enables the future of sustainable supply chains. We believe that by connecting digital communities and enabling them to make decisions beyond just economics, they could drive lasting change in the way we do business. This belief led to the creation of Platform8.