Platform8 is excited to share its participation in the Belgian Economic Mission to Australia next week! 

Our Chief Customer and Revenue Officer, Roberto Brady, will represent Platform8 alongside our partners at NxtPort International during this crucial trade mission, joining delegates from Belgium and Australia. We’re proud to showcase our clients at N.S.W Ports and their recent successful implementation of the NxtPort Data Exchange Platform and the ISGOTT platform from Smartflow as a testament to Belgian & Flemish technology excellence.

NxtPort, a tech spin-out of Port of Antwerp-Bruges, has operated a secure data exchange platform since 2016, connecting stakeholders in the port and maritime industries. The platform aims to facilitate resilient and sustainable supply chains by making data available to trading partners, enhancing visibility and predictability for better decision-making and preparing ports for the global energy transition.

In 2021, this proven Belgian/Flemish technology expanded globally with offices in Houston, Singapore, and Auckland with partners Platform8. The deployment of NxtPort’s data sharing platform in Oceania, through our partner Platform 8, created a digital port community in NSW Ports, Australia, showcasing the scalability of this ‘Made in Flanders/Belgium’ solution, levergaing the Smartflow ISGOTT (from The Netherlands)  from the marketplace of API’s and Applications.

Platform8, with its expert team, makes this groundbreaking technology available across Australia and New Zealand.

NxtPort’s neutrality allows other Belgian/Flemish application developers to market their products in challenging port and maritime industries through its international API and App marketplaces. Notable examples include Hakka, Cinvio, Dockflow, and Qronoport.

Platform8, with its expert team, makes this groundbreaking technology available across Australia and New Zealand. Our approach combines industry expertise with cutting-edge technology to bring the best solutions to businesses, enhancing their financial and environmental performance. We’re committed to helping businesses optimize their operations and accelerate their return on investment (ROI) while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Joining the Belgian Economic Mission to Australia, we look forward to promoting NxtPort’s global expansion and the positive impact on the maritime industry in Australia. This partnership exemplifies the power of innovation and collaboration, ultimately benefiting businesses and the environment. We anticipate a successful mission and further strengthening the bonds between Belgium and Australia in technological advancement and trade.

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