Releasing UN/LOCODE API, available now!

In a world that thrives on seamless global trade and efficient logistics, accurate location information is paramount. To cater to this essential need, we are thrilled to introduce Platform8’s latest release—an API built on top of the United Nations LOCODE (UN/LOCODE) dataset, powered by NxtPort International. With this new offering, we empower businesses and organisations to effortlessly integrate international location data into their systems and applications.

What is UN/LOCODE?

The United Nations LOCODE (UN/LOCODE) is an international code system designed to represent various locations, including ports, airports, and other pivotal sites frequently utilised for international trade and goods movement. Recognised and adopted globally, UN/LOCODE simplifies the complex task of standardising and managing location data, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

The Power of the UN/LOCODE API, Powered by NxtPort International

Platform8’s UN/LOCODE API, powered by NxtPort International, offers a wealth of features and functionalities to enhance your location data management:

1. Location Details at Your Fingertips

Retrieve comprehensive location details based on a location code. Whether you need information on a specific port, airport, or another critical location, our API provides instant access to the data you require.

2. Streamlined Location Searches

Effortlessly search for locations using simple parameters. This feature ensures that you can quickly locate the information you need, saving you time and resources.

3. Geographic Context

Locate nearby locations on a map, allowing for precise geographic searches. This is particularly useful for businesses involved in logistics and international trade.

And More!

Our API is designed to be versatile and adaptable to your unique needs. Whether you are managing global supply chains or building location-based applications, Platform8’s UN/LOCODE API, powered by NxtPort International, simplifies the process and enhances the accuracy of your location data.

Bridging the gap with real time data updates

One of the standout features of our UN/LOCODE API is its integration with the UN/LOCODE dataset, powered by NxtPort International. When the UN updates their dataset, rest assured that Platform8 will promptly update our API. This ensures that whenever you call the API, you automatically receive the most up-to-date and accurate location information.

Bridging the Gap

Despite the importance of UN standardised codes, the lack of accessible APIs has hindered many companies and organisations from leveraging their benefits. Often, businesses resort to creating their own internal location codes, leading to inconsistencies and inefficiencies. Platform8, in partnership with NxtPort International, addresses this challenge by offering the UN/LOCODE data in a user-friendly format and making it easily accessible through our APIs. This initiative empowers applications and businesses to seamlessly integrate the power of UN/LOCODE into their operations, eliminating the need for proprietary and potentially error-prone location coding systems.

Whether you’re tracking shipments, optimising supply chains, or enhancing location-based services, this API provides the accuracy and ease of access you need.

In conclusion, Platform8’s UN/LOCODE API release, powered by NxtPort International, represents a significant step towards simplifying location data integration for businesses and organisations worldwide. Whether you’re tracking shipments, optimising supply chains, or enhancing location-based services, our API provides the accuracy and ease of access you need.  Want to learn more, drop us an email at today.

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