Smartflow’s ISGOTT Solution now LIVE in the Platform8 Marketplace: The Digital Solution for Tank Storage and Petrochemical Companies

Smartflow, the digital solution for tank storage and petrochemical companies, is now available in the Platform8 Marketplace.

The ISGOTT (International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals) Solution digitises the handshakes between vessels and terminals involved in the Declaration of Inspection – ISGOTT procedures, streamlining workflows, and providing real-time insights.

The Problem:

Tank storage and petrochemical companies face many challenges when it comes to the Declaration of Inspection – ISGOTT procedures. These compliance procedures involve a series of pre-arrival, arrival, and repetitive checks that are time-consuming and prone to errors. The paper-based system is not only outdated but also increases the risk of human error, which can be dangerous in the petrochemical industry.

The Solution:

The ISGOTT Solution is the perfect solution for tank storage and petrochemical companies who are looking to accelerate the execution and compliance of Operations, Maintenance, and SHEQ workflows. It has created digital checklists for each part 1 to 9, making pre-arrival, arrival, and repetitive checks easier for the planner & loading master at the terminal and ship’s captain at the tanker. All of these procedures can be performed by them on different devices using the same common digital Smartflow environment. These digital ISGOTT checklists not only reduce time but also standardise the entire workflow, ensuring minimum administrative errors.

ISGOTT allows all the parties involved to access and change a tanker’s information in real-time according to its loading or discharging status. The COVID-19 restrictions have made contactless smooth operations a necessity, so this paperless, user-friendly solution reduces ship/shore documentation while focusing on the goal of health, safety and environmental protection.


  • Zero paper waste solution
  • Automated alerts and notifications
  • Streamlined coordinated workflow
  • Reduced costs up to 70% through efficiency
  • Customisation as per terminal rules
  • Improved safety of tankers, terminals and staff, through minimised risks
  • All Declaration of Inspection – ISGOTT checklist & questionnaire in one place, easy to access
  • Reduced response time & errors
  • Real time Insights to the overall process and status

Rapid time to value

3 weeks onboarding and cost-effective subscription and consumption model


Smartflow’s ISGOTT Solution is the perfect proven solution for tank storage and petrochemical companies who want to streamline their workflows, improve safety, and reduce response time and errors.  For more information, please visit or to learn more contact us.

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