Digital Inspection Process

Efficiently execute workflows, capture data, and share information with stakeholders in real-time.

Digital Inspection Process

Efficiently execute workflows, capture data, and share information with stakeholders in real-time.

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About Smartflow

Smartflow is a SaaS solution to model, prepare, execute, and analyze inspection checklists. Inspectors in the field use Smartflow's app and platform to efficiently execute workflows, capture and share data with internal and external stakeholders in real-time.

Smartflow has developed a platform that allows field workers to perform daily checks, yearly inspections, operator rounds, repetitive checks, or any other regular inspection with the simple usage of a user-friendly smartphone app in an effort to solve efficiency & safety problems by bringing people, processes, and technology together.

Field workers are investing too much of their time in processes that can be simplified by reducing them to yes/no questions or pre-filled checklists, backing them up with visual data, and ultimately standardizing them throughout the entire organization.

Smartflow helps tank storage, oil and gas, maritime, and TIC companies ensure no information gets lost in emails, excel sheets, or misplaced paper checklists.


Simplifying processes and reducing them to a form you create on your phone will, in fact:

  • Assure the correct information to perform field tasks
  • Reduce response time to critical issues
  • Secure safety and minimize risks
  • Increase the operators' reliability
  • Create a culture of best practices in maintenance tasks and operator rounds
  • Simplify processes to boost effectiveness and productivity


What can field operators do in the Smartflow platform?

  • Easily create custom workflows or use the existing ones in the library
  • Support inspection findings with pictures & videos in-app
  • Have insights into analytics and reports to use for their strategic development
  • Access to a central cloud-based dashboard with real-time data
  • Automate fault alerts & reports
  • Set automation triggers for schedule adherence, preventive maintenance, and compliance
  • Easy access to archives inspections
  • Streamline and automate data entry with integration capabilities
  • Access customer portals and share data with all stakeholders
  • Customize the processes as per needs and requirements

Service User

Smartflow and Platform8 joint creates shared data, process flow, checklists and document exchange.

To start using data, contact Platform8. We make it easy for you to access the Business Process Flow related data on this platform and start sharing it through the API.

Why join Smartflow?

Smartflow digitises your flows according to your business needs. It is a cloud-based low-code/no-code solution incorporating a platform and an app, with a clear dashboard and properly integrated data. It’s paperless Digital Inspection Processes, enabling its users to better navigate their product movements and reduces delays, inefficiencies, and demurrage.

How to join?


  • Register on the Platform8 platform
  • Subscribe to the Digital Inspection Processes asset
  • Make a digital handshake with smartflow to agree upon a price & duration of the contract
  • Set up your users

Each of these steps is well documented. Click here for the full documentation for the onboarding.

Supported browsers & Devices

On desktop Smartflow supports the following browsers and their respective versions:

  1. Google Chrome 79 or later
  2. Microsoft Edge 18 or later

On mobile app Smartflow supports android and IOS with these versions:

  1. iOS 11 or later
  2. Android 8 or later

To download the applications, you need to login with a user that has admin rights on the Platform8 account and is subscribed to the Digital Inspection Processes by Smartflow asset. This will add a menu on the right of this page with the download links.

If you would be using another other browser or OS, get in touch with us!

Data Provider

Smartflow is the owner of the User Interface and all information returned and maintains the accuracy and completeness of the data. Platform8 provides data-users support for onboarding and contracting with Smartflow through its datasharing platform. Should you encounter problems during onboarding, you can contact Platform8 support.

Other companies that are interested in sharing their data on the Platform8 platform, can contact us.

Other companies that are interested in sharing their data on the Platform8 platform, can contact us.


There is a significant opportunity for ISV’s to create transparency and visibility of the business process flow in order to make the supply chain more efficient and further reduce costs. Smartflow uses API’s from the Platform8 platform that allow to retrieve data from the participating data providers, and show that data in a specific User Interface. Developers that wish to connect to those same API’s can contact Platform8 support to request technical and process documentation.

A digital solution is one thing, being able to quickly onboard stakeholders, ingest different data sources and retain ownership of your data is yet another. expensive and time-consuming to build, it is unlikely to be your are of focus. So build on the Platform8 existing secure, rigorous infrastructure that is designed specifically to answer all your needs.

Data users and data providers only need to connect once to the Platform8 platform to share or retrieve data via API’s.