Dockflow - Visibility

Track & share live container shipment data with your customers and partners

Dockflow – Visibility

Track & share live container shipment data with your customers and partners

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Dockflow is the hassle-free solution for smooth collaboration in logistics chains. It gives forwarders and shippers a user-friendly, secure and accessible platform for sharing shipping information. Specifically tailored to meet the needs of the maritime container shipping industry, Dockflow allows you to easily manage and track your sensitive cargo around the globe.

Share information with your logistics chain partners

Dockflow combines powerful features with a wide range of data integrations. This means you and your logistics partners always have access to the right information – ultimately saving you time to get more done in a day.

By intelligently pairing data streams throughout the logistics chain, Dockflow gives you the full picture of your shipments. Dockflow is compatible with all Platform8 data sources. In addition to Platform8 APIs, Dockflow users have instant access to:

  • Ocean carrier updates
  • Vessel position (AIS)
  • Cargo monitoring devices

Dockflow’s architecture allows for easy set-up of integrations with your existing ERP, CRM, WMS and TMS systems. Intelligent algorithms are applied to incoming data and brought to your customers and partners in a user-friendly web and mobile application.

Container traceability & cargo monitoring

View real-time temperature and GPS-based location of your shipments. Dockflow can read data from any sensor manufacturer. Intelligent alerts warn you and your logistics partners when something is off. Enriched visuals allow you to relate location, shipping events and temperature (or other physical measurements) in the blink of an eye.

Alerts & insights

Dockflow provides notifications on important shipping events and cargo condition readings, enabling you to take action preventing cargo damage. With ETA change notifications and free time measuring, you can increase your operational efficiency.

Documents sharing

Documents received by email can be sent to the platform in one click. The Dockflow AI engine extracts and analyzes document data to automatically pair your documents with the corresponding shipments and share them with your partners.

Service User

The Dockflow platform is tailored towards forwarders and shippers dealing with sensitive or high-value container shipments. It includes special support for perishables and temperature-controlled shipping.

Data Provider

Data on the Dockflow platform belongs to their respective providers unless agreed otherwise.

Sensor manufacturers, carriers, terminal operators, forwarders, shippers and 3PLs can integrate with Dockflow through the API.


The Dockflow API is based on REST. If you’ve interacted with a RESTful API already, many of the concepts will be familiar to you.