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Maritime Emissions Portal

Gain essential insights in your port or terminal’s maritime emissions through Rightship’s sustainability assessment tool.

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About the Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP)

The first sustainability data assessment tool of its type, RightShip’s Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP), is a proprietary product designed to support ports and terminals in reducing their emissions outputs through data-driven insights.

The MEP has been designed as a tool to support port and terminal operators to better and more accurately understand ship-based emissions and use that evidence to identify opportunities to reduce emissions. The tool combines sophisticated Automatic Identification System (AIS) movement data and RightShip’s unique vessel insight data, to identify problem areas and opportunities to reduce environmental impact.

We have used best practice guidelines to build and test this product which monitors all vessel types and operating modes. Port authorities can use it to manage their emissions inventory and air quality through heatmaps and filters including ship type, age, point of interest and emissions type. The detailed reporting provides users with a clear path to action.


Data solutions

Combining proprietary data from RightShip’s GHG Rating, including vessel specifications and additional energy saving equipment, with daily automatic vessel positioning data, the MEP gives you the full view of your port’s emissions profile.

Heatmap technology

Using innovative heatmap and zoning technology the MEP provides a clear analysis of your environmental profile over any time frame, so you can make practical decisions and manage emissions.

Bespoke product

The Maritime Emissions Portal can be set up for your port or for an individual terminal. Working with our team, you will be able to set up, monitor and analyse the pertinent information to make lasting advances in your emission management and reduction.

Data Provider

If you would like to find out more, please contact the Partnerships Manager at Platform8.

Data User

  • Benefits for the Port and Terminal industry
  • Benchmarking
    • Benchmarking your current operations helps you to develop a feasible strategy to measure your impact and implement solutions. The MEP provides easy to understand metrics which can be used in internal reporting and emissions roadmap plans.
  • Reduction strategies
    • Combined with RightShip’s other products, such as vessel vetting as well as a Port Incentive Scheme, the port can start acting towards lowering vessel emissions. Our team is on hand to provide guidance on how you can work towards your ESG targets.
  • Local community
    • The ability to track emissions from shipping through air quality data and make proactive changes will help you to work with industry bodies and regulators to create healthier, more resilient communities and protect the environment around your port

If you are interested in Rightship’s MEP services, please Contact Us.


If you would like to find out more, please contact the Technical Team at Platform8.