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Predictive ETA

Increase operational efficiency and savings in your supply chain with the Predictive ETA API, through advanced machine learning.

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Solving Global Challenges in Importing & Exporting

Uncertainty in the arrival times of a vessel causes many problems; longer waiting times, higher costs, port congestion, etc. There have long been attempts to tackle the challenges posed by data management in maritime logistics. These problems unfortunately still occur globally every day. Studies have identified that better predictability and information sharing is required to boost operational efficiency.

As a response to global challenge in maritime logistics, Platform8 and Awake.AI has launched Prediction API to improve the competitiveness in maritime logistics, boost the efficiency of all stakeholders of supply chain, help to anticipate exceptional circumstances and reduce environmental emissions.

Operational Efficiency and Savings

Predictive ETA provides global predictions on vessel voyages. The API can be called for individual vessels to obtain machine learning – optimised predictions on where the vessel is headed currently, arrival times for current and even future port calls, and remaining travel times for vessels not currently underway.

The API can also be called by destination, providing schedule predictions on all vessels currently detected to be headed to the selected port. The prediction service has global coverage, enabling automated monitoring and visibility of future arrivals up to several weeks ahead for oceangoing vessels.

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Tangible business benefits

Assisted by Awake.AI’s ETA prediction API you’ll create accurate plans and use predictions to warn you if plans will be disrupted. Operate with accuracy by having resources at the right place at the right time and adjust your plans on-the-fly with the help of the predictions.

Use Cases

The Predictive AI (Predictive ETA) system offers a game-changing solution for various stakeholders in the supply chain, including ports, importers, exporters, distribution centres, transport logistics providers, and freight forwarders. By leveraging accurate and reliable ETA predictions, this system revolutionises operations and enhances efficiency in the following ways:


Implementing Predictive ETA enables ports to optimise berth planning, leading to better resource allocation, reduced waiting times, and increased efficiency. Automated vessel scheduling monitoring improves productivity and reduces errors. The reduced uncertainty in arrival times allows for better planning, reduced costs, and improved decision-making

Importers and Exporters

Predictive ETA empowers importers and exporters to plan logistics more efficiently, optimise packing, and align their processes with vessel arrivals. Accurate ETA predictions streamline the invoice process, reduce costs, and enhance overall logistics efficiency. Importers and exporters gain a competitive advantage, improve customer service, and eliminate the need for costly contingency planning.

Distribution Centres

By incorporating Predictive ETA, distribution centres optimise packing and improve resource management, ensuring goods are prepared for transport efficiently. Real-time updates on arrival times streamline internal processes like inventory management and order fulfilment, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The system offers improved decision-making, increased customer service, and a competitive edge.

Transport Logistics Providers

Predictive ETA allows transport logistics providers to optimise scheduling, reduce costs, and improve customer service. Automated vessel scheduling monitoring increases productivity and reduces errors. The accurate predictions enable better resource allocation, enhanced decision-making, and reduced risks. The system improves planning, reduces costs, and enhances reliability.

Freight Forwarders

Predictive ETA empowers freight forwarders to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. Accurate ETA predictions enable optimised logistics planning and improved coordination. Real-time updates drive internal process alignment, enhancing customer service and reducing costs. The system offers a competitive advantage, better decision-making, and increased efficiency.

Achieve concrete savings by utilizing the industry’s best machine learning powered predictions.

Data Provider

We are continuously improving the predictions by integrating additional data sources relevant for vessel traffic, for example global public port call planning data, vessel data, or data on port areas and facilities. If you would like to collaborate on this, contact Platform8.

Data User

The ETA API provides continuously updated predictions on vessel arrival times to relevant waypoints at ports, such as pilot boarding places and berth areas. Predictions can be queried per vessel or per port, providing a collection of predictions for all vessels currently approaching the selected port. The predictions are available globally and their accuracies are optimised using machine learning models. The prediction service setup includes configuration of target prediction locations and optimisation of prediction models as needed. After the configuration phase, you will receive an API key to access the prediction service.


We provide high-availability REST APIs with continuously updated technical documentation and status monitoring available online.

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