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Platform8 Connected Supply Chain: Your gateway to the world!

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Platform8 Connected Supply Chain: Your gateway to the world!

Platform8 connects local independent software vendors (ISV's) data vendors with its global customers. As partners of Platform8, we ensure regional coverage and reach. Combined with our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we are perfectly setup to assist ISV's and data vendors in attracting new leads and prospects.

What do we offer:

  1. Marketing of your service globally
  2. A product page on the Platform8 marketplace
  3. Regular output of marketing content through our company and personal networks
  4. Support in assessing international leads
  5. First contact when relevant use cases or communities are being formed

What's in it for us:

Platform8 is fully committed in aiding supply chain stakeholders and other parties involved to efficiently share data and improve their business. This can be achieved through direct data sharing or by connecting them to application developers and platforms. By increasing the number of solutions and data sources on the Platform8 marketplace, we believe that the reusability of data for different purposes is increased and that the hurdle of adopting new solutions is reduced.

Interested? You can contact us here for more information!